Understanding what Kickboxing is all about

24 Nov

Being incorporated with other sporting events, kickboxing is surely the most intense and interesting form of martial art. It is somewhat similar with boxing; however, in boxing, only the fists and arms are allowed to be used. The main difference is that kickboxing utilizes both the feet and hands. Due to this, it is no wonder that it is called as the full-contact type of sport.

Determing its types and origins

Japan was the first country that introduced kickboxing. It incorporates the mixture of Tae Kwon Do, karate, and boxing. Hence, kickboxing exists in 3 different forms. These forms are the Japanese style, American style, and European style. The description of each form are written below.

Boxers and trainers make up the Japanese boxing, which consist of different forms. There would be five rounds in every match, which would last up to 3 minutes. The fighters are permitted to use their elbows and knees when they would attack. The attacks are permitted anywhere below the belt but it should not be in the crotch. The fighters are not allowed to do head butts, pushing, and throwing.

In regards to the American style, the attacks should come from the fighter's fists and feet and should land anywhere above the hips. The fighters aren't allowed to utilize their elbows and knees, and if the attacks are in the shins, then there are corresponding penalties. Prior to the beginning of the match, the promoters and fighters must come together in order to establish the rules. The match usually has ten to twelve rounds, with every round lasting two to three minutes each. There's a minute break in between every rounds.

The Arcadia self defense style kickboxing usually consists of five rounds per match, each round lasting 3 minutes. In every attack, the fighters are permitted to utilize their thighs and knees. Kicking the crotch area is not allowed but the fighters are allowed to attack anywhere below the belt. Also, head butting and pushing are strictly prohibited.

Cardio kickboxing

Most people like to have the fittest body. This is the main reason why a lot of people such as celebrities and even politicians would choose kickboxing in doing their regular exercises. Cardio kickboxing is comprised of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing. The normal movements are punches, kicks, and other types of Sierra Madre martial arts techniques.

In cardio kickboxing, it is not necessary that you will have an opponent. Instead, it is intended for you to trim down your physique. If you will do this kind of exercise, you will allow yourself to burn around 300-400 calories per hour.

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